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Heating equipment

Nortpol is a distributor of heating equipment, such as gas stoves, convectors and heaters made by the recognized Magnus brand. These are modern, efficient, economical and safe devices with the CE European Safety Certificate and two years warranty. This equipment has been appreciated by many customers, both wholesale and individual in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our offer also includes free-standing cast-iron stoves, fire-clay ovens and sawdust furnaces that are perfect for garages, workshops, commercial and office premises and homes, where there are no traditional heating furnaces.
Hunting kettles
and cast stew pots
Hungarian kettles and cast iron kettles
Hungarian kettles and cast iron kettles

Nortpol deals in the manufacture and distribution of Farmcook hunting kettles and stew pots. Due to perfect flavor and smell of the food made in them, these utensils gain an increasing popularity in all of Europe. After filling with food and capping, the cast-iron kettle is put directly into fire to make delicious aromatic stews. Whereas the Stew pot is made of glazed sheet or stainless steel and is suspended over the flames on a special tripod. This way not only can you prepare traditional Hungarian soups and stews but also all kinds of dishes made in a pot. The cast iron hunting kettles we offer are machined castings made in our foundry, so they guarantee top quality workmanship. They have the necessary certificates of release for safe contact with food; therefore, our customers may be sure that no harmful substances would get in their food.
Barbecues nad ovens www.farmcook.pl Barbecues nad ovens
Barbecues nad ovens

Our activity also includes the manufacture of Farmcook garden barbecues. These are barbecues suspended on a tripod over the fire. Our offer includes special metal hearths that allow building fire anywhere, safely and without unnecessary mess. Farmcook products guarantee satisfaction even in case of the most discerning customers. Practical and functional, made with comfort in mind, these barbecues feature many useful functions and amenities, which make them simple and pleasant to use. Their original stylish design is also worth noting; it makes them extremely impressive elements of spatial arrangement.
Garden furniture www.goldgarden.pl Garden furniture
Garden furniture

Nortpol specializes in the manufacture of Gold Garden cast-iron and wooden garden furniture. These are made of high-quality wood, both from domestic and exotic species as well as strong and resistant cast iron. Beautiful, stylish, tastefully decorated furniture fit it perfectly in gardens, terraces and in originally arranged interiors; furthermore, they provide comfort at the highest level. Professional protection against the harmful weather impact guarantees many years of use.